I wake up after sleeping in, drink a bajillion ounces of water, and have some breakfast, hang out. Ah, spring break. It’s hard for someone like me to grasp when they’re in the middle of eating poorly, but when I eat well for several days all my digestion problems minimize soo much. I feel like a different person and I never want to stop. Fingers crossed this time X)

Then I log on to tumblr see a very exciting and diverse dash waiting for me. I seriously love you guys, thank you for liking an posting all the things you do and for tolerating/liking my equally variegated blog too. <3

And now, for your enjoyment and inspired by a collage someone posted, the lyrics from Into the Woods I can’t get out of my head: An ode from a boy to his cow.

I guess this is goodbye, old pal, you’ve been a perfect friend.
I guess this is goodbye, old pal, Some day I’ll buy you back.
I’ll see you soon again
I hope that when I do
It won’t be on a plate~

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